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The Official Website of IHOD
Dallas/Fort Worth Doctor Who Viewing Society

A not for profit, dues free society, IHOD celebrates Doctor Who, one of the greatest, longest running British television series ever produced.

Daleks and Dalek Building
Interested in building your own dalek? Here are a few very useful resources to help you along the way.

  • The Dalek Builders Guild

  • Dalek Builders Guild Website

  • Ratty Vulcan's Dalek Build Resource

  • Joe Dalek
    a Genesis of the Daleks fan built prop replica
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    Joe's Galleries
    Joe's Beginnings
    ....when he was but a spec of sawdust in his collective progenitor's eyes

    Joe's Big Debut!
    ....a trip to Los Angeles and GallifreyOne 2004!

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